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Michelle Beeslaar is homeschool mom of four, aged 10 and under. After 16 years in the public service serving at home and abroad, she resigned in her 30s to start homeschooling when her oldest two started Grade 1. Although a hard decision to leave a career she was passionate about, her one daughter was diagnosed with ADD and mild dyslexia; making homeschool and full-time, hands-on parenting the best family option. Her experience lies in project / stakeholder / event management (state protocol), communication, public relations, research, policy and legislation drafting. Michelle worked for the Western Cape Department of Environmental and Cultural Affairs, the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, the National School of Government and the Department of Home Affairs. She is also currently a (Politics) postgraduate student at the University of Pretoria. Her study focuses on food safety governance in the wake of the 2017/18 listeriosis outbreak in South Africa, the largest to date in the work. Areas of interest are state security, governance and immigration.

Photo Credit: My own kids at aPublic Park in Pretoria, South Africa, 2020

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Opinion Pieces, Interviews with leading sector voices, highlighting and links to current news as it occurs. Focused on mainly security, governance and immigration within South Africa, Africa and broader international context.

Family and Life

Sharing non-professional but real life experiences on marriage, raising children, broader family, personal and professional relationships, family and individual life wellbeing and development.


Providing practical advice and useful links for homeschool parents or those wondering it as an option.

Photo: Husband and daughter on a farm in the Northern Cape, South Africa, 2020


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Photo: Taken with Muntuzane Ramukhesa, 2018

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The blogger receives no direct payment for the promotion or mention of any products, events, people, places, organisations or events. The blogger’s studies are funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) Centre of Excellence in Food Security at the University of Pretoria however all views expressed here are entirely her own. No classified information gained through public service posts are used with all information in the public domain. Interviews conducted or articles shared are done so with personal consent having been obtained first. Only links to news, organisational or official government websites are included without written consent. Where personal or professional links or benefits exist or specific highlighting occurs at a direct request to blogger; these will be acknowledged.